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Cost effective

Recruiters charge a percentage of the candidates salary. We are different - we charge by the hour to find people.


You pay your plumber by the hour. You pay your lawyer by the hour. You even pay your babysitter by the hour. Why not pay your recruiter by the hour. Our tag line is Recruiting.....with a twist.


We also offer Staffing Services. If you need employees for a short term, or would like to evaluate a prospective employee, we will be happy to employ them for you.


Our goal is to save you time and money when hiring employees. We do things differently. We charge by the hour not by the percentage of salary. Whether you are seeking sales people, administrative staff, warehouse workers, etc., we make finding these candidates economical and much less stressful.
Charging by the hour for our services is very cost effective. It is difficult to connect with potential candidates during business hours, so we stay available night and weekends.

Our process is to sift through the many applicants, screen them and find the best candidates to present for your consideration. We work within your qualifications and save you the time and effort to find those few people meeting your needs.

• We design and post ads to reach a broad group of potential applicants.
• We query databases looking for more applicants.
• We then evaluate the results against your particular qualifications to select the best people to screen.
• Then we present to you the best candidates for you to interview.


  • Healthcare
  • Warehousing
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Call Centers
  • Sales
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Insurance


You need more information? Check what our clients think about us

Dan C.

"We are in a high turnover industry. But with The Right Company, we are able to keep the pipeline filled with qualified candidates. Our turnover ratio has decreased, production is up, and we now have a much more productive and enjoyable place in which to work."

James L

"We would normally use traditional head hunters to fill our management positions. We had two openings and tried The Right Company. They exceeded our expectation. They filled a Project Management and a Network Engineer position. Their Salaries combined totaled $200,000. Our former firm would have cost us $40,000. The Right Company’s charge was only $2,500.00."

Bill H.

"We are growing. Every time we need a position filled we turn to The Right Company."

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